Benefits of Oral vs. Injectable Steroids

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Benefits of Oral vs. Injectable Steroids











Benefits of Oral vs. Injectable Steroids

Many people are interested in learning more about the best oral steroid because they simply do not want the hassle of injections. The debate over whether oral or injectable steroids provide the best benefits is divided, and for the most part, it depends on the individual compound.

Oral Steroid Benefits – For the most part, people stick to oral steroids when they want the convenience of simple dosing. There are no syringes to buy, and there’s nothing to measure – simply take the right tablet, or split a tablet in half, when needed. Oral steroids are often powerhouses when it comes to boosting strength and muscle mass. While they are fast-acting, they are also fast to leave the system. However, most oral steroids can cause liver damage when used in high doses or over long periods of time.

Injectable Steroid Benefits – On the other hand, injectable steroids can also be convenient for people who do not like the hassle of daily dosing. Most injectables can be delivered in once or twice a week doses, though there are exceptions, and some will require doses every other day. Injectable steroids take longer to reach peak blood concentration, but it is easier to maintain that concentration once you get there. Not even the best oral steroid can serve as a cycle base as well as an injectable version for this reason.

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