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Buy broad-spectrum tetracycline Pharmaceutical raw materials Clarithromycin Powder (CAS 81103-11-9) Online 


Clarithromycin Description

Clarithromycin is a 14-member ring macrolide antibiotic and 6-O-methyl derivative of erythromycin.

Studies have noted that Clarithromycin appears to bind specifically to the 50S ribosomal subunit, thus inhibiting DNA translation and inhibiting bacterial growth. This compound is both a substrate and inhibitor of CYP3A4.


Clarithromycin Certificate of Analysis

Product name Clarithromycin
CAS No. 81103-11-9 Outer Packing 25kg/drum
Production date 2018.08.09 Shelf life 2022.07
Standard adopted Enterprise Standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance White or off-white crystalline powder, odorless Conform
Specific rotation -89° ~ -95° -92.9°
Identification Consistent with the infrared spectrum Conform
PH 7.5~10.0 8.6
Moisture ≤2.0% 0.5%
Burning residue ≤0.3% 0.07%
Heavy metal Should not exceed 20 parts per million Less than 20 parts per million
Assay ≥94.0% 97.7%
Conclusion Qualified


Clarithromycin Application

Mainly used for caused by sensitive bacteria upper and lower respiratory tract, including tonsil inflammation, sore throat, deputy sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc, skin, soft tissue infection, pus furuncle, erysipelas, folliculitis, wound infection and so on, curative effect and other large ring lactone class similar. The goods can also be used to chlamydia trachomatis or dissolved ureaplasma urealyticum reproduction caused by urinary tract infection, AIDS patients with atypical mycobacteria infection


Clarithromycin Effects

broad-spectrum tetracycline group of antibiotics.have effect in gram-positive bacterium and negative bacteria, chlamydia and mycobacteria effective, almost can effectively suppress all respiratory pathogen. To stomach acid stability, oral absorption good, high blood drug concentration blood half-life long. Its use were similar to erythromyc,effective in the urinary tract, respiratory tract, skin, ent.

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