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Laboratory Tested Oral Steroid Anadrol Oxymetholone Powder With Discreet Shipping Fast Delivery


About Anadrol

Oxymetholone is one of the more potent oral anabolic steroids. It is a high quality anabolic steroid for that provides massive gains in weight in performance enhancing athletes. While it is very potent, it is also very hepatic. Nevertheless, when it comes to adding pure size, Oxymetholone is a great oral anabolic steroid to go for.


Anadrol Details

Beschreibung : White Crystalline Powder weißes Puder
Identifizierung : Positive Positive
Probe : 97.0~103.0% 99.31%
Schmelzpunkt : 172~178ºC 172.0~176.0ºC
Spezifische Drehung : +34~ +38°(C=2,in dioxane) +36.3°
Loss On Drying : 1.0%max in vacuum over P2O5 for 4h 0.26%
Lösungsmittelrückstände : meets the requirements. Konform
Organic Volatile Impurities : meets the requirements. Konform
Schlussfolgerung The specification conform with USP30 standard


Anadrol Effects

Anadrol is an effective agent for promoting weight gain, increasing appetite, gaining strength, and increasing red blood cell count. Those who supplement with Oxymetholone can expect to see their weight to increase dramatically. jedoch, the extent will largely be dictated by the amount of food they are eating.

Anadrol is further well-suited for providing an even buildup in strength, however this is more of a secondary characteristic as size itself is its primary role. Even so, the steroid does play an important role in both strength and size as it can provide an excellent synergetic effect when coupled with other anabolic steroids in a stack.


Anadrol Side Effects

Anadrol common side effects include high blood pressure, gynecomastia and acne. All of these negative effects are easily avoidable with the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). jedoch, those who are naturally prone to high blood pressure may find Oxymetholone to be a poor choice for them regardless of how much caution they implore.

Anadrol is very hepatic and liver enzymes will necessarily increase dramatically with its use. For this reason, most Oxymetholone use will generally need to be kept at 6 weeks max with many never needing to go beyond 4 weeks of total use. While it is toxic to the liver, when used responsibly, any toxic effect will be of little concern as the liver will quickly return to normal once use is discontinued. It is important to note, as this steroid is hepatic it does not carry near the level of hepatotoxicity as many over the counter medications and regular alcohol consumption.

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