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Mefenamic acid Specification

Produktname: Mefenamic acid
CAS: 61-68-7
Natural/Synthetic: Synthetic
Niveau: Pharmazeutische Klasse
Inhalt: 99%
Aussehen: weißes Puder
Verpackung: 25KG/cardboard drum
Ingredients: N-2,3-dimethylphenyl anthranilic acid; too many orders, stop quoting 17.6.28
Physical and chemical properties: white or almost white crystalline powder; geruchlos. This product is slightly soluble in ether, slightly soluble in ethanol or chloroform, and insoluble in water.
Kategorie: Pharmazeutische Rohstoffe
Feld: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesics
Down products: Mefenamic acid tablets, mefenamic acid capsules
Application: The anti-inflammatory effect is stronger than that of chlorfenac and flufenamic acid. Suitable for rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis. For the treatment of moderate pain, such as headache, toothache, neuralgia, menstrual pain, pain after childbirth.


What is Mefenamic acid?

Mefenamic acid is a member of the anthranilic acid derivatives (or fenamate) class of NSAID drugs, and is used to treat mild to moderate pain, including menstrual pain, and is sometimes used to prevent migraines associated with menstruation.


Mefenamic acid Certificate of Analysis

CAS-Nr. 61-68-7 äußere Verpackung 25KG
Produktionsdatum 2017.05.10 Haltbarkeit 2020.05.09
Standard, der Enterprise standards
Elemente der Analyse Spezifikation Ergebnisse
Aussehen A white or almost whiteCrystallinity powder A white Crystallinity powder
Identify EIN,B,C,D Konform
Trocknungsverlust Not more than 0.5% 0.15%
Sulphated ash Not more than 0.1% 0.05%
Copper Not more than 10ppm 0.16ppm
Denstiy Pine density Konform
Denstiy tapping density 0.2%
Impurity A Not more than 100ppm 20ppm
Impurity C Not more than 0.1% 0.006%
Impurity D Not more than 0.1% 0.009%
Unspecified Not more than 0.1% less 0.1%
Gesamtverunreinigungen Not more than 0.2% 0.061%
Probe 99-101% 99.55%
Schlussfolgerung Qualifizierte


Mefenamic acid Side effects

Mefenamic acid is recommended to be taken with food.

Known mild side effects of mefenamic acid include headaches, nervousness, and vomiting. Serious side effects may include diarrhea, hematemesis (vomiting blood), hematuria (blood in urine), blurred vision, skin rash, itching and swelling, sore throat and fever.


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