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Pyramidon Specification

Product Name: Pyramidon
Standard: Unternehmensstandard
Natural/Synthetic: Synthetic
Level: Pharmaceutical grade
Content: 99%
Aussehen: white powder
Verpackung: 25KG/cardboard drum
Category: Pharmazeutische Rohstoffe
Industry: Veterinary Medicine
Field: Antipyretic analgesia
Deferred products: poultry drinking water or mixed feed
Use: It is mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of various diseases such as high fever caused by various viral and bacterial diseases.
Usage and dosage: mixed drink: 5-8kg of water per gram can be mixed for 3-5 days. Mixed feeding: Add 200-300g of this product per ton of material, 2-3 times a day, use for 2-3 days.


What is Aminophenazone?

Aminophenazone (or aminopyrine, amidopyrine, Piramidon) is a pyrazolone with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic properties but has risk of agranulocytosis.


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