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Erneut senden Politik

We do have reshipment policy. Aufgrund der Zoll unterscheiden sich von Ländern Länder, Regionen Regionen, einige sind glatt, während einige sind hart, die Reshipment Politik wird von Aufträgen Aufträge mit unterschiedlichen Mengen und unterscheidet sich von Ländern zu Land sehr unterschiedlich sein. Wir versuchen unser Bestes, um die Erfolgsquote mit unseren besten Transport- und Verpackungsmethoden, da die harten Zoll zu erhöhen. Alle Aufträge werden reshipped werden, wenn leider ergriffen 100%. But it may not be in one time. If you are in the business for a few year, I’m sure that you can understand what i’m saying.

For any Suspected Package ( which stays at the Customs for more than 7 days ), we would arrange a reshipment free of charge ( but only once ) , a brand new shipping address will be required. we donot accept any refund requirements once the package get seized ,please think twice before you place the order .

The products we offer are very high value yet take up very little space; even a small order of our Compounds may be worth many thousands of dollars and ensuring a successful delivery is of paramount importance. As part of a very large Factory we are able to offer huge advantages including specialist departments for each aspect of the order process, including a department whose job it is to test and trial packing methods and to then select the most suitable method catered to your order. It is this attention to detail which allows us to have the best pass-rates in the entire indrustry.

If question about the reship policy, please contact us.