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Buy Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Icariin Powder (41083-11-8)


Icariin Quick Details

Product Name Epimedium Extract Lcariin
Test Method HPLC
Used Part Leaf
Εμφάνιση Yellow brown powder
Odor &Taste Characteristic
Active Ingredient Icariin
CAS NO. 489-32-7
Μοριακός τύπος C33H40O15
Μοριακό βάρος 676.65


Icariin Description

Icariin is a chemical compound classified as a prenylated flavonol glycoside, a type of flavonoid. It is the 8-prenyl derivative of kaempferol 3,7-O-diglucoside. The compound has been isolated from several species of plant belonging to the genus Epimedium which are commonly known as Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo.

Extracts from these plants are reputed to produce aphrodisiac effects, and are used in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance erectile function.


Icariin Certificate of Analysis

Πρότυπο που έχει εγκριθεί Εταιρικό πρότυπο
Στοιχεία της ανάλυσης Προδιαγραφή Αποτελέσματα
Εμφάνιση / odor Brownish yellow powder Συμμορφώνεται
Mesh ≥100mesh 100% pass 100 mesh
Υγρασία ≤5.0% 2.4%
Icariin content ≥10.0% 10.2%
Ash ≤4.0% 1.9%
Alcohol residue ≤0, 5% N.D
Pb ≤2ppm 0.1ppm
Arsenic ≤0.5ppm 0.3ppm
HG ≤0.2ppm 0.1ppm
BHC ≤0.5ppm N.D
DDT ≤0.5ppm N.D
PCNB ≤0.5ppm N.D
Total bacteria <1000/g N.D
Mold <100/g N.D
Yeast <100/g N.D
Coliform / Escherichia coli N.D N.D
Salmonella N.D N.D
Συμπέρασμα Προσόντα

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