How to Get Rid of Gyno?

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How to Get Rid of Gyno?




How to Get Rid of Gyno?

If you are prone to gyno or this is your first time using AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids), you always want to be taking an anti-estrogen, an anti-prolactin or both.

There are two types of anti estrogens. The first are “SERM” Estrogen Modulators that bind to get rid of gyno.

The estrogen receptor in the nipple tissue and prevent free estrogen in your blood from binding there. If you are using a SERM then even if you have high estrogen levels the estrogen will not be able to cause gyno because it will not be able to bind to the estrogen receptor in breast tissue, as that receptor will already be occupied by the SERM.

The best SERM for me has always been Nolvadex (chemical name Tamoxifen). It’s the standard one that guys in the bodybuilding community started using about 40 years ago in the late 70’s early 80’s. It comes in 20mg Tablets and is very effective for preventing gyno, reversing gyno, and shrinking gyno.

Another SERM called “Raloxifene” has been shown in lab analysis to bind to the estrogen receptor in breast tissue 80x stronger than Nolvadex. I’ve used both in real life and it was definitely a bit more effective than Nolvadex but absolutely not 80x effective. Raloxifene comes in 60mg Tablets.

The 2nd type of Anti-Estrogen is called “Aromatase inhibitors” these medications fight estrogen directly. They inhibit the bodies production of aromatase enzyme making it impossible for your body to produce estrogen. They are extremely effective and doctors commonly prescribe them for testosterone replacement therapy on patients who are only using 200mg Testosterone per get rid of gyno.

Aromasin (Chemical Name “Exemestane”) is my favorite AI (abbreviation for aromatase inhibitor). It’s my favorite medicine to get rid of gyno. A single 25mg tablet of Aromasin reduces circulating estrogen levels by 70%-90% in the body within 24 hours. If you have high estrogen you can feel Aromasin take effect and start lowering it within 60 minutes after swallowing it. It’s amazing stuff. In my experience 25mg Aromasin tablets are the strongest AI.

Letrozole is the other AI some consider to be strongest. It really depends on your body chemistry to determine which anti estrogen is most effective. Letro comes in 2.5mg tablets and is very strong. It works in a similar manner as Aromasin, anecdotally I just feel a bit “Off” when i’ve used Letrozole. Other people have had similar experiences of it slightly affecting their well being in a negative manner as well. For this reason I prefer Aromasin, but some people swear by Letrozole being the only thing on this planet other than surgery that was able to shrink or dissolve their gyno.

Arimidex (chemical name Anastrozole) is the third and final AI. It comes in 1mg tablets and is pretty mild. It doesn’t exterminate estrogen quite as well as Letrozole and Aromasin. I would say a tablet of arimidex is about 50% the strength of a tablet of Aromasin. The good news is that Arimidex is usually a good price and it doesn’t give a negative sense of well being the way Letro does.

Overall my favorite and the one I use is Aromasin (Exemestane). I feel great on it, it abolishes my estrogen, if I ever have a itch or pain on my nipple I’m always confident that I can pop an Aromasin and 60 minutes later whatever was bothering me will be gone. You can really depend on this stuff, it’s great. It also does a tremendous job of clearing up any testosterone related acne.


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