Imiquimod Raw Material (NO CAS 99011-02-6) | Genital warts drug

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Imiquimod Raw Material (NO CAS 99011-02-6) | Genital warts drug

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Formule moléculaire:C14H16N4
Formula Weight: 240.3
CAS No.:99011-02-6
Apparence:white powder

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Buy Genital warts drug Imiquimod Raw Material (NO CAS 99011-02-6)


Imiquimod Description

Imiquimod is belonging to the drug for the treatment of genital warts. Clinically it can be used as the immunomodulators in the treatment of adult genital and perianal warts with convenient application, well tolerance and unique mechanism of action which makes it be the first-choice drug for treatment of genital warts.


Imiquimod Certificate of Analysis

Éléments d’analyse Spécification du Résultats
Apparence Off-white powder,dissolve in hydrochloric conform
Point de fusion


297-299℃ 298.2-298.7℃
Identification IR UV/HPLC conform
Essai 98-101% 99.89%
Pureté ≥99% 99.87%
Related substance ≤0.1% 0.13%
Métaux lourds ≤10ppm conform
Perte sur le séchage ≤0. 5 % ≤0. 5 %
Résidu de calcination ≤0.2% 0.02%
Conclusion Qualifié


Imiquimod Usage

Imiquimod can be used for the treatment of adult external genital and perianal genital warts at 3 times per week. Just before sleep, first apply the product evenly in a thin layer on the surface of the wart and gently massage until the product is completely absorbed.

The position of the medication should not be packeted and should be maintained for 6 à 10 heures, and then wash with a neutral soap and clean water for clearing the drugs in the administration site. Wash your hands before and after treatment.

250 mg of cream can be applied to 20cm2 of wart. Avoid excessive application of the drug. Patients should continue the treatment until the wart is completely cleared. Wart can be cleared within 2-4 week at the fastest speed and can be generally cleared within 8 à 12 weeks. The medication should be not more than 16 weeks.

After the treatment, patients with mild erythema locally who does not have to be discontinued for drug; if the patients feel general malaise or get local skin reactions (edema, erosion, pain, etc.), the drug should be discontinued. Only when the reaction is alleviated can they continue the medication.

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