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Nolvadex Used As an Anti-Estrogen







Nolvadex Used As an Anti-Estrogen

The male body depends heavily on the balance between testosterone and estrogen for many reasons, and it’s this fine balance between the two that can cause or prevent estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia. At the end of the cycle, when the body is unable to produce its own testosterone, the risk of estrogenic side effects is at its highest. Nolvadex not only helps to boost testosterone production, which helps to balance out estrogen, but it also blocks much of the excess estrogen in the body. For this reason, many men prefer to forego Nolvadex on cycle and use a drug called an aromatase inhibitor, or AI, instead.

Rather than binding to estrogen receptors to block the hormone’s effects like a SERM, an AI stops the action of an enzyme known as aromatase, which is responsible for converting excess testosterone or steroids in the body into estrogen in the first place. For some men, an AI may be a better choice under certain circumstances. It is important to note that Nolvadex will only decrease estrogen in the breast tissues while AIs decrease estrogen in all tissues.


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