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Indomethacin Sodium Specification

Product Name: Indomethacin Sodium
Standard: Enterprise Standard
Natural/Synthetic: Synthetic
Level: veterinary drug level
Content: 98%
Appearance: Off White powder
Packing: 25KG/cardboard drum
Physicochemical properties: white or yellowish crystalline powder
Category: Feed Additives
Industry: Veterinary Medicine
Field: Non-steroidal antipyretic analgesics
Down the product: mixed drinking agent
Application: Suitable for livestock and poultry fever, respiratory tract and digestive tract infections, can still be used for breeding or breeding birds, with obvious spermatogenesis
Usage and dosage: mixed drink: livestock or poultry, add 3KG per ton of water. (Prohibition of increase)


Indomethacin Sodium Certificate of Analysis

Product name Indomethacin Sodium
CAS No. 7681-54-1 Outer Packing 25kg/drum
Production date 2018.01.06 Shelf life 2 years
Standard adopted Enterprise Standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance Off White or light yellow powder Off White powder
Identification Positive reaction Conforms
Loss on drying 12%-13% 12.5%
PH 7-9 Conforms
Assay 97%-101% 98%
Conclusion Qualified


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