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Antazoline Hydrochloride Description

Antazoline is a 1st generation antihistamine with anticholinergic properties used to relieve nasal congestion and in eye drops, usually in combination with naphazoline, to relieve the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. The drug is a Histamine H1 receptor antagonist: selectively binding to but not activating the receptor, therby blocking the actions of endogenous histamine and subsequently leading to the temporary relief of the negative symptoms brought on by histamine.


Antazoline Hydrochloride Certificate of Analysis

Item Specifications Risultati
Personaggio White or Off-white crystalline powder, odourless or almost odourless, taste bitter Off-white crystalline powder, odourless, taste bitter
1) Chemical reaction Positive Positive
2) ultraviolet spectrum The maximum absorption at wavelength 241nm and 291nm The maximum absorption at wavelength 241nm and 291nm
3) infrared spectrum Corresponding to Reference Spectrum Corresponding to Reference Spectrum
4) Chemical reaction Positive Positive
Acidity PH: 5.0~6.5 5.4
related substances conforme conforme
Perdita all'essiccamento ≤1.0% 0.1%
Residuo alla combustione ≤0.1% 0.06%
Metalli pesanti conforme conforme
Microbial limit Every 1 g bacteria≤1000cfu <10cfu
Every 1g Yeasts & Moulds≤100cfu <10cfu
Escherichia coli Not detected Non rilevato
saggio (on dry basis) ≥98.0% (C17H19N3·HCl) 99.8%
Conclusione The results conforms with CP2010 standards


Antazoline Hydrochloride Application

Antazoline Hydrochloride acts as a histamine H1 receptor blocker, functioning as an antihistamine pharmaceutical.
Imidazoline binding site ligand and an antihistamine.
Imidazoline binding site ligand; a potent inducer of insulin secretion in rat pancreas. Also an antihistamine.

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