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Perfluorotributylamine Description

Perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA), also referred to as FC43, is a colorless liquid with the formula N(C4F9)3. The compound consists of three butyl groups connected to an amine center, in which all of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced with fluorine.

The compound is produced for the electronics industry, along with other perfluoroalkylamines. Unlike ordinary amines, perfluoroamines are nonbasic.


Perfluorotributylamine Certificate of Analysis

Item Specifications Resultaten
Uiterlijk Clear color liquid OK
Boiling range (° C) 165-185 OK
Pour point (° C) <-45(° C) OK
Dichtheid(g/cm3) 1.88±0.02 1.85
Dielectric strength (KV/mm) <17 OK
Conclusie The results conforms with enterprise standards


Perfluorotributylamine Application

The compound has two commercial uses. It is used as an ingredient in Fluosol, artificial blood. This application exploits the high solubility of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the solvent, as well as the low viscosity and toxicity. It is also a component of Fluorinert coolant liquids. CPUs of some computers are immersed in this liquid to facilitate cooling.

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