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China Fat Loss Hormone Peptides Hgh Fragment 176-191 (2mg 5mg 10mg/vial) For Bodybuilding Supplements On Sale


HGH Fragment 176-191 Quick Details

Product Name HGH Fragment 176-191
Synonimy HGH 176-191, Fragment 176-191, Human Growth Fragment
MF C78H125N23O23S2
MW 1817.1
Sequence H-Tyr-Leu-Arg-Ile-Val-Gln-Cys-Arg-Ser-Val-Glu-Gly-Ser-Cys-Gly-Phe-OH
Categories peptyd;Human Growth Peptide
Wygląd White Lyophilized Powder
Czystość 99% by HPLC
Specyfikacja 2mg/vial
Rozpuszczalność Soluble in water(Better sterile water)
Identity (ESI-MS) 1817.1±2.2
Storage Lyophilized Fragment 176-191 is stable at room temperature for 90 days,
however it should be stored in a freezer below -8℃ for any extended
period of time. After reconstituting Fragment 176-191 should be refrigerated at
temperatures not to exceed 36 F.


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HGH Fragment 176-191 Peptide Description (Customized Stickers Available)

HGH Fragment 176-191 is a fat-loss peptide derived from the HGH molecule, which directly initiates lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis, but in order to better understand this peptide, it is imperative to have at least a rudimentary understanding of its parent hormone.

HGH Fragment 176-191 is a polypeptide which contains an amino acid sequence that is 191 amino acids in length. Frag (176-191) was developed by isolating and modifying the specific portion of the HGH molecule responsible for the hormone’s lipolytic and anti-lipogenic effects. The portion of the molecule responsible for these effects is amino acids 176-191.


Hgh Fragment 176-191 Works Principle

HGH Fragment (176-191) works best when blood sugar levels are minimized and physical activity is engaged in post-administration. Since the usage of this peptide facilitates the immediate liberation of fatty acids into the bloodstream, fat loss will occur at a more rapid rate if these fatty acids are oxidized (burned off as energy), as this will prevent them for being redeposited back into the fat cells. If the individual wants to maximize the body’s ability to burn off these newly released fatty acids for energy production, one should temporarily minimize the availability of glucose, as it is the body’s preferred energy. This is achieved through dietary management and proper peptide timing.


Hgh Fragment 176-191 Peptide Dosage

Dose #1: 350 mcg before breakfast, followed by cardiovascular exercise about 20-30 minutes later. *Note: If one is worried about losing muscle tissue while performing fasted cardio, then one can consume a combination of EAA’s w/extra Leucine…or a carb-free protein shake prior to performing cardio. Amino acids are ideal, as they result in the smallest increase in blood sugar. All foods which lead to significantly increased blood sugar levels should be avoided.

Dose #2: 350 mcg Pre-workout. This dose is taken about 20-30 minutes before your daily weight training session and/or cardio session. About 3 hours prior to training, one should begin relying primarily on protein foods (preferably whole protein foods and/or amino acids) as a main source of energy, so that blood glucose levels are minimized by the time the Frag is administered. After weight training is complete, the user can consume as many carbs as necessary in order to satisfy metabolic requirements.

Dose #3: 300 mcg towards the end of the day. Again, the same rules regarding blood sugar apply. While most will not want to perform physical activity a 3rd time during the same day, doing so will lead to greater results. *Note: While some of the recommended guidelines are not ideal for maximizing weight training performance (ex: minimizing carbs pre-workout), these guidelines are only temporary; to be used during the week Frag is implemented into your routine. Since priorities should shift from muscle growth to fat loss during Frag administration, these guidelines are reasonable and desirable. After Frag is discontinued, one can resume their normal routine.


Buy Hgh Fragment 176-191 peptyd

Minimum order quantity(MOQ) 10 vial (2mg/vial, 5mg/vial, 10mg/vial)
Payment way Money Gram, , Bank Transfer and Bitcoin
Lead Time Within 12hours after you payment
Delivery Time 3-7 days door to door
Packing Super discreet (hundreds to choose from)
Shipping DHL / TNT / UPS / HKEMS / FedEx / itp.
Tracking number Available after parcel deliver out.
After-sales service 24/7 online


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