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Bank Transfer Payment


Bank Transfer Payment Option Details:

Bank wire Payment method is accepted by us. It is far more convenient for transaction a big amount payment, with fewer transaction fee cost. Bank wire will need 2-6 working days to arrive the other side.


A Wise Payment Suggestion When Pay by Bank Wire:

When you pay by bank wire, the declaration to claim as hollymood travell of china, gift, service or something normal. PLS DONOT mention Commercial use, Also leave beneficiary info blank if it is Not mandatory, or ask me how to fill the blanks. you’d better not fill beneficiary info with a china mainland address and tel. Then the bank wire will be smoother a lot.

Contact us for asking Bank Account information.


How to Place an Order ?

1: Make your purchase List, calculate your total value to be paid. (calculator online)
PS:Total value= product values + Freight cost

2: Send Correct bank wire payment.

3: Send your payment details, order details include products, quantity, shipping address to us.

For example:

Test E 500g, Dianabol 500g, Anavar 100g,
One Package Paid by xxxxxxxxx

Ship to as below:

Post code:

4: Wait for our confirmation of your order.