Tranexamic Acid (Amstat) | CAS 1197-18-8 | Matérias-primas farmacêuticas

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Tranexamic Acid (Amstat) | CAS 1197-18-8 | Matérias-primas farmacêuticas

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CAS: 1197-18-8
Peso molecular:157.21
Fórmula molecular: C8H15NO2
Ponto de fusão: >300 ° C(lit.)
EINECS: 214-818-2
Ensaio: 99.7%
Aparência: pó branco cristalino

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Buy Skin Lightening Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Tranexamic Acid (Amstat) CAS 1197-18-8 Online

Tranexamic acid Description

Tranexamic acid (TXA) is a medication used to treat or prevent excessive blood loss from major trauma, post partum bleeding, surgery, tooth removal, nose bleeds, and heavy menstruation.It is also used for hereditary angioedema.It is taken either by mouth or injection into a vein.

Tranexamic acid is a protease inhibitor that inhibits the catalytic action of proteases on peptide bond hydrolysis, thereby preventing the activity of enzymes such as inflammatory proteases and thereby inhibiting the chaos of epidermal cell function at the site of dark spots and inhibiting melanin Enhance the factor group, and then completely cut off because of UV irradiation and the formation of melanin way, that dark spots no longer thicken, expand and increase, which can effectively prevent and improve skin pigmentation.


Tranexamic acid Certificate of Analysis

Nome do Produto tranexamic acid
CAS. 1197-18-8 Embalagem exterior 25KG/drum
Data de produção 22,11,2018 Validade 21,11,2020
norma aprovada The enterprise standard
Itens de análise Especificação Resultados
Aparência pó branco cristalino pó branco cristalino
Content ≥99.0% 99.4%
PH 2.0~9.5 2.9
Shuifen(CV 9) ≤4.0% <0.23%
Metais pesados ≤0.0010% <0.0010%
Sulphate ash ≤0.0007% <0.0002%
Sodium ≤0.1000% <0.0009%
Chloride ≤ 0.4% <0.4%
Conclusão Qualificado


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