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What is 2-Methylimidazole?

2-Methylimidazole is an organic compound that is structurally related to imidazole with the chemical formula CH3C3H2N2H. It is a white or colorless solid that is highly soluble in polar organic solvents and water. It is a precursor to a range of drugs and is a ligand in coordination chemistry.


2-Methylimidazole Certificate of Analysis

Наименование товара 2-Methylimidazole
CAS Нет. 693-98-1 Наружная упаковка 25кг / барабан
Дата производства 2019.03.09 Срок годности 3 years
Стандарт принят 《Q/PHI》2002 Standard
Элементы анализа Спецификация Результаты
Внешность A white or yellowish crystalloid powder White particle
Убыток от высыхания ≤0.50% 0.16%
Температура плавления 143~146℃ 143.8~144.5℃
анализ ≥99.5% 99.95%
Заключение Квалифицированных


2-Methylimidazole Application

2-Methylimidazole is a sterically hindered imidazole that is used to simulate the coordination of histidine to heme complexes. It can be deprotonated to make imidazolate-based coordination polymers.

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