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Buy Raw Urinary Tract Infections Drug Acetohydroxamic Acid (Lithostat) Powder Online (CAS 546-88-3)


Acetohydroxamic acid Description

Acetohydroxamic acid (Lithostat) is a drug that is a potent and irreversible enzyme inhibitor of the urease enzyme in various bacteria and plants; it is usually used for urinary tract infections. The molecule is similar to urea but is not hydrolyzable by urease; it thus disrupts the bacteria’s metabolism through competitive inhibition.


Acetohydroxamic acid Certificate of Analysis

Наименование товара Acetohydroxamic acid
CAS Нет. 546-88-3 Наружная упаковка 30кг / барабан
Дата производства 2019-02-20 Срок годности 2 years
Стандарт принят Enterprise Standard
Элементы анализа Спецификация Результаты
Внешность Orange or orange-red crystalline powder Orange crystalline powder
PH 3-6 5.0
Удостоверение личности (1) Chemical identification should be positive Positive reaction
Удостоверение личности (2) (2) Infrared identification should meet the requirements Удовлетворяет
Iron salt ≤0.0005% Удовлетворяет
Убыток от высыхания ≤5.0% 4.8%
Тяжелый металл ≤10ppm Удовлетворяет
анализ ≥90% 92%
Заключение Квалифицированных

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