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Guidelines for Using Oral Steroids Safely










Guidelines for Using Orals Safely

There are three major considerations when using oral steroids, and it’s important to address them all if you want to use the best oral steroid for your needs safely.

Hepatotoxicity – Most oral steroids are alkylated, which means they are molecularly designed to survive processing through the liver. Without this alkylation, there would be little active ingredient left after processing, which would significantly reduce bioavailability and perhaps even render the compound useless to the user. Unfortunately, alkylated steroids cause liver damage, so you should try to avoid pairing two oral steroids or consume alcohol on cycle. You should also be sure to stay hydrated and avoid any other drugs (prescription or OTC) known for causing liver damage, including acetaminophen.

Estrogenic side effects – Some orals, such as Dianabol, will aromatize in the male body. This means they will convert to estrogen, which can create a host of side effects ranging from bloat to acne and even gynecomastia. It’s vital to use aromatase inhibitors to prevent this while on cycle, and you should also be sure to run adequate post-cycle therapy with SERMs, too. PCT will get your natural testosterone production up and running quicker as it will have been shit down during your cycle.

Testosterone suppression – As mentioned, анаболические стероиды, including orals, will suppress your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. For this reason, many experienced steroid users recommend running a testosterone base with any oral steroid rather than using an oral only cycle. This will improve gains and ensure you feel better and stronger throughout your cycle.


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