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About Ligandrol

Ligandrol is an oral nonsteroidal SARM that was first discovered by Ligand pharmaceuticals and that’s currently under development by Viking Therapeutics.


Ligandrol Details

Batch No. 190106 Packing мешок Batch 2kg
Expiry date 2019-01-06 2019-01-06 Report date 2019-01-06
Test based on enterprise standard
Test Items Standards Результаты
Описание Белый кристаллический порошок Удовлетворяет
HNMR H group on the peak of the correct attribution Удовлетворяет
Убыток от высыхания Not more than 0.5% 0.3%
Тяжелые металлы Not more than 10ppm Удовлетворяет
анализ(ВЭЖХ) ≥98% 99.5%
Заключение : Compliance with the requirements


Ligandrol Effects

Just like any other SARM, the LGD-4033 selectively binds to specific androgen receptors that are found in muscles. Androgen Receptors or ARs are ubiquitous in the body, but Ligandrol isn’t compatible with those found in the eyes or other androgen-rich organs. Being receptor-selective, this substance can be taken orally.

LGD-4033 is known to increase T levels in the body, which promotes muscle growth and development.

It increases energy production and anabolic activity
The key here is that this substance also increases anabolic activity which compensates the energy loss and results in a leaner body with minimal fat.

No steroids side effects.


Ligandrol Dosage

if you’re just starting out with Ligandrol, you can begin with a 5mg dose, then increase it accordingly. If you have a big build, you can go with a higher intake. 10mg every 24h-36h period is the most used dose for Anabolicum, while some go for as high as 20mg per day with little to no negative consequences.

Several studies have shown that LGD-4033 could give significant results, aka increase lean mass, within a two-week to three-week period, which is impressive for a supplement

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