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Buy Polypeptide Antibiotic Polymyxin B sulfate Powder (CAS 1405-20-5)


Polymyxin B sulfate Details

Product Name Polymyxin B Sulphate
Внешность White or almost white crystalline powder
CAS NO. 1405-20-5
Молекулярная формула C48H84N16O17S
Молекулярный вес 1189.3426


What is Polymyxin B sulfate?

Polymyxin B is a polypeptide antibiotic against gram-negative bacilli, which can change the membrane structure and cause leakage of small molecules and inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria. It has bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli. Bound to the lipid A part of bacterial lipid polysaccharides. Small pores were induced in the outer membrane of the skin. Mode of action: binding to and interference with the permeability of the plasma membrane. Antimicrobial spectrum: Gram-negative bacteria.


Polymyxin B sulfate Certificate of Analysis

Стандарт принят USP38
Элементы анализа Спецификация Результаты
Внешность White to almost white powder hygroscopic White,hygroscopic
Удостоверение личности A.HPLC ;B.Meet the requirements of the test for Sulfate,Удовлетворяет conforms
PH (2%) 5.0 ~ 7.0 5.55
PH (0.5%) 5.0 ~ 7.5 5.37
SPECIFIC ROTATION -78° ~ -90° -79°
LOSS ON DRYING Not more than 7.0% 4.7%
SULPHATED ASH Not more than 0.75% 0.29%
SULPHATE 15.5% ~ 17.5% 15.7%
HEAVY METALS Not more than 20ppm <20м.д.
Composition of polymyxins Sum of polymyxin B1,B2,B3 and B1-Inot less than 80%;B3 not more than 6.0%;B1-Inot more than 15.0% 80.0%;4.6%;3.9%
Any individual impurity Not more than 3% 2.33%
Total impurity Not more than17% 12.32%
ASSAY (MICROBIAL) Not less than 6500iu/mg 8331iu/mg
Заключение Квалифицированных

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