Testosterone Only Cycle For 8 weeks

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Testosterone Only Cycle For 8 weeks



Testosterone Only Cycle For 8 weeks

Since testosterone is one of the most powerful and safest anabolic steroids out there, more individuals are prone to go with a test-based cycle instead of dealing with a multi-drug stack. Most probably you heard about it too and once you are here you want to know about the best way to run an 8-weeks testosterone only cycle for reaching maximum effects.

Fortunately for you, we will not only reveal the step-by-step way of cycling test but also explain the reasons behind this decision and give your precious recommendations that will not only save your time but also money.

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Why The 8-Weeks Test Cycle And Not 6 or 12?

While taking the test for a period longer than 8 weeks may yield more impressive results, you would cease this idea if safeness is your main concern. Also, if you are not a competitor and you are cycling steroids just for the sake of increasing your performancegoing beyond this threshold is not reasonable.

On the other side, taking test alone for 6 weeks is just too less to expect noticeable growth in your muscle mass. What could be worse than this is the probability that most of the gains would be gone once the cycle is discontinued? This is because your body will not have been given enough time to adapt to the gains and it will be unable to retain them once no test is entering your body.

Therefore, the golden mean when it comes to Testosterone-based cycle length appears to be 8 weeks. Just know that any cycle that falls short of this term, can still produce gains, but they will not be durable. On the other hand, unless you are a professional bodybuilder with years of steroids use experience going with a 10 or 12 weeks cycle is not a healthy option for you.


8-Weeks Testosterone-Based Cycle Explained:

First of all, as you know there are several types of testosterone and some of them are included in our cycles, такие как Testosterone Ethanate а также Propionate. What else will you need for this cycle? Letrozole or Arimidex, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) а также Clomid during post cycle therapy.

Our cycle starts with Testosterone Enanthate used through week 1 – week 6 at a dosage 250mg three times a week. 0.7mg of Letrozole daily is recommended while keeping a close eye on estradiol level in your body. How to know that estradiol level is going wild? Signs of decreased libido joints pain or depression should make you take a pause of few days and then restart its consumption at a lower dosage.

Testosterone Propionate makes its entrance in week 7 until the middle of week 8. “Why have I to discontinue the use of test prop in the middle of last week of cycling ?” you ask. There is a very good reason behind this. Since we meant it to be an 8-weeks cycle, starting recovery when test levels are still pretty high in the blood is not the best way to act. Drop its use a few days earlier so that levels will fall sufficiently for PCT to begin in the week 9 as planned.


Testosterone Only Cycle For 8 weeks

So if you made up your mind to run a test-only cycle than here’s the best way to do it:

Week 1 – 6:
750 mg of Testosterone Ethanate as frontloadloading: Day 1.

250 mg of Testosterone Ethanate: 3 times a week

250iu of HCG: 3 times a week

0.7mg of Letrozole: Daily

Week 7:
100 mg of Testosterone Propionate: 3 times a week

250iu of HCG: Mon&Wed only

0.7mg of Letrozole: Daily

Week 8:
100 mg of Testosterone Propionate: Mon-Wed

0.7mg of Letrozole: Mon-Wed

Post Cycle Therapy: Weeks 9 – 12:
First day 300 mg of Clomid and then 30 mg of it every day. Read here all you need to know about post cycle therapy: why it’s necessary and best ways to undergo it. Just keep in mind that PCT is designed to help you retain most of the gains you made while cycling steroids, so make sure you do not ignore this part and take it very seriously.

While there are other factors too to be taken into consideration when assessing the test only cycle results, the truth is that test could promote muscle and strength gains like no others anabolic steroids. Except for Trenbolone, you will say. It can be, but be aware of the huge side effects Trenbolone carries, while Testosterone is much milder in this sense. Afterall, it’s a game of benefits and risks. You decide if you play modest, but safe or play hard and take upon yourself a range of harsh effects you may face later on.

So how much gain to expect? Individuals claim to gain a minimum of 20lbs of solid lean muscle mass and managed to keep it all. And this is the best part of proper cycling. Because you can gain even 30lbs or 40lbs, but the question is how much of it you will still have once you are out of use at all? How to ensure that increase of weight is not fat but lean muscle mass? The answer is proper diet and workout. Do make sure you adjust these two components to your actual needs and then proceed to plan your Testosterone only cycle, be it shorter or longer than 8 weeks.


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